Michaela Pratt is a character on ABC's How to Get Away with Murder. She débuts in the first episode of the first season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Aja Naomi King.


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Keating 5Edit

Michaela is the best. She first meets Wes Gibbins in the lecture hall, the latter attempting to strike up a conversation, but being turned away as Michaela is engaged. She starts off her first day of Law School showing off her intelligence, answering questions no one else would volunteer to answer. Annalise Keating, the professor, takes her students to her current client to hear her story, tasking them to come up with a better defense than she already has. After explaining his defense to Annalise, she successfully gets through to the next round, allowing him access to the court room. Michaela arrives late to court, bringing with her some information – Linda Tanner is color blind, thus helping Annalise with her case. Later that night, Michaela attends a cocktail party among other law students and professors. Michaela continues to attend the court sessions until the case is finally won with help from Nate Lahey, Annalise's secret boyfriend. Back in the lecture room, Annalise announces the winners of the competition: Connor, Asher, Michaela, Laurel, and Wes, ensuring them all positions in her firm.[2]


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